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Viral Lead Magnet

An automated lead generation machine.
Allow your users to unlock bonuses by inviting their friends.
Best of all: no coding required.

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How it works

Create The Enticing ‘1st reward’
People sign up onto your list and get a reward (eg: a free ebook).
Incentivize Referrals
You create additional bonuses your sign ups can unlock by referring their friends. (eg: Refer 3 friends and get another free ebook; Refer 5 friends and get a free PRO account).
Number of Leads Grows Exponentially
When your sign-ups unlock a bonus, we send them an automated email that you can customize. The more friends they refer, the more bonuses they unlock, creating a viral lead generation machine.

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Install in 60 seconds with zero coding skills.

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“Maître is the perfect way to launch a new product. The viral effect really helped our email list take off - in the space of a couple of weeks we went from 0 to over 800 signups!”

Ed Moyse - Founder, If No Reply

Maître integrates with the tools you love

Why Maître Viral Lead Magnet?

Grow your emails list

Collect email addresses of your entrants and export them at anytime. You own all the data.

Embed on any page

You can embed our widget on any page and you don't need to be a developer.

Unlimited sign-ups

Unlike other lead magnet tools on the market we don't punish you for having more sign-ups.

100% Customizable

Everything in Maître can be customized. Colours, text, look & feel, you name it.


Our webhooks allow your application to receive information about events, such as a new signup, as they occur.

Secure and Reliable

Banking quality SSL encryption and an uptime of greater than 99.99% means that you can rely on Maître.

Visual bonus table

Our visual bonus table will show your subscribers how many friends they need to refer to unlock bonuses.

Engagement emails

Automatic event-based emails to keep your subscribers engaged throughout the entire contest.


You can translate all the text into any language you want. Yep, even 日本語

Advanced Analytics

It automatically tracks visits and conversions from each marketing channel, including device and country.

Import ∞ emails

Kick-off your campaign with your existing mailing list.

Social sharing

All the popular platforms (incl. Whatsapp, Reddit & LinkedIn) and even a few niche sites.

Why is this powerful?

Traditional lead magnets are one-offs. Users give you their email address, you send them a goodie… and that’s it. With Maître Viral Lead Magnets you can create additional bonuses that people can unlock by inviting their friends.
With Maître Viral Lead Magnet people are incentivised to share because the more people they refer, the more bonuses they unlock!
Basically it’s a Lead Magnet on steroids. You use your own subscribers to generate leads for you. Set up the bonuses in a few minutes and watch the people pour in.

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