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A plug-and-play Ambassador Program for your Mailchimp newsletter that turns your email subscribers into fanatic ambassadors.

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  • ✅  Great ROI
    Outsource your acquisition strategy to your subscribers and lower your cost-per-acquisition.

  • ✅  No coding skills required
    Connect your MailChimp account in 1 click & you are ready to go.

  • ✅  Highly engaging
    Gamify the subscriber experience and grow your list like a PRO.
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“Maître is the perfect Ambassador Program. The viral effect really helped our email list take off - in the space of a couple of weeks we went from 0 to over 800 signups!”

Ed Moyse - Founder, If No Reply

Case study 1: Coinsheet

Coinsheet is a daily newsletter about cryptocurrencies. They have grown from 0 to over 10K subscribers in a few months, using Maître.

They offer several special perks to Ambassadors, from access to exclusive content to swags and t-shirts. The more people you refer to the newsletter, the higher your Ambassador status and the more perks you unlock.

Currently over 21% of Coinsheet mailing list has been referred. This means 1 out 5 subscribers has been referred by an existing subscriber.

Coinsheet’s subscribers do the marketing for them. This growth is fast but also genuine, low cost and scalable.

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Case study 2: TheHustle

TheHustle is a hyper successful media outlet for millennials in the form of daily newsletter, with over 2M subscribers.

TheHustle has quickly become the gold standard for newsletters Ambassador programs: they have grown from a few thoudands to over 300 thousand subscribers in a few months thanks to their Ambassador program.

They incentivize their subscribers to refer their friend by offering several perks including stickers, t-shirts and hoodies, based on how many people refer.

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  • Can I use this tool if I have an existing newsletter?
    Yes, you can import your Mailchimp subscribers into Maître in one click.

  • Does Maître handle the dispatch of perks to Ambassadors?
    No, you must handle that personally. We recommend using StartupThreads (no affiliation)

  • Do I need to offer physical perks (swags, t-shirts, etc)?
    NO! It’s totally up to you what you want to offer. For example some people offer access to special sections of their website, free use of their services, etc.

  • I have other questions, can I contact you?
    Of course! Feel free to reach out to us anytime at support@maitreapp.co