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The #1 referral software designed to grow your free-trials and customers directly.
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How it works

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Customer shares their referral link
Your customer invites their friends through their unique referral link.
Conversions are tracked
Their friend carries out the action you want to track as conversion (eg: becomes a paying customer or starts a free trial)
Your customer is rewarded
Your customer is rewarded for referring their friends to your business (eg: a discount, a free account, etc)

Integrate in two minutes

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Unlike other complex solutions, integrating Maître on your website takes only a couple of minutes and our team is always available for help.

Tracking events is done by using a small snippet of code. If you have ever used the Facebook Pixel, you're good to go :)

Advanced Analytics

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Power is nothing without control. Maître easily allows you to determine "the who, what and where" of your referral program.

Maître automatically tracks visits and conversions from each marketing channel (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc and even custom channels) so you always know what is working and what isn't. We go as far as tracking your subscribers device and country.

“We love Maître. The virality of their solution increased sign-ups by more than 50% from day one.”

James Wyman - Founder, Pillo

Integrate Maître with your existing workflow

Maître integrates perfectly with the tools you love, including over 500 external services such as Mailchimp, Intercom, ActiveCampaign, Wordpress, Hubspot, Slack and many more.

There is no substitute for word-of-mouth marketing

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You have heard many times that 74% of people choose a product because of a friend's recommendation. It's our biology. It's what we do.

Your customers are already referring your product. Now you can make sure every referral is tracked and the referrer is rightly rewarded.

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