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TOKAY Ultimate aimed to become one of the first ultimate frisbee specific sport shoe manufacturers and went onto successfully raise 145% of its target. When it came to Maitre it was a brand new company with zero customers and no big database of emails to call on.

Robin the co-founder of TOKAY knew that to succeed on Kickstarter it was much easier if you already had an audience from which to announce your campaign launch. But most importantly, like most crowdfunding campaigns, he was working with almost zero budget.

Having heard of the success of other viral waiting list campaigns from folks such as Inbox and Harry’s, he knew he needed a tool which would track and allow for the ‘viral’ element - i.e subscribers being rewarded for referring peers. It also needed to be easy to install without having to spend $1,000 on expensive developers. Maître ticked the boxes.

TOKAY ran a text book, quick fire campaign in which they quickly went from 0 to 2502 emails in a couple of weeks, with 62% of those people being referred by a subscriber. So in essence, 1,552 of those people would not have ended up hearing about TOKAY had it not been for the viral contest. If you want to reach about their full story head here.

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