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SYNEK produce home based alcoholic beverage dispensers. They have now run two successful Kickstarter campaigns, the first of which was 2.6X funded to the tune of $650,000, for a beer top dispenser ‘SYNEK’ Beer Dispenser and more recently succeeded in getting their Wine dispenser ‘SOMM’ over-funded once again.

SYNEK like a lot of other online e-marketers understood that emails provided a great opportunity to engage their fans, and equalled the best ROI when it came to online retail.

Emails are the highest value touchpoint we have.

They initially purchased one Maître list to re-engage and set up a referral mechanism for their current SYNEK Beer dispenser customers.

By running a competition. Using our import feature they were able to import their customer list and begin engaging them via our custom email marketing tool.

It incorporated a viral aspect to our email campaigns and increased our mailing list by 20% in just a week.

Over the course of a week, the list ended up growing by 20%. Finishing at a 25% referral rate overall.

Having smashed their first Kickstarter goal and successfully grown their list by 25%, they purchased a second Maître list for their Wine dispenser product ‘SOMM’. They again successfully overfunded SOMM and grew their list by 23%.

We asked them "If someone was unsure about using Maitre, what would you say to them?":

Do it. If you're already advertising, it's the smartest way to actually capture people.

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