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UPDATE: Sphere is now at over 250,000 subscribers.

Sphere is a in-development decentralized social network built around a new cryptocurrency called Social Activity Tokens (SAT) on the Ethereum blockchain.

As it prepared to hold their Initial Coin Offering, the team at Sphere used Maître Viral Lead Magnet to build a pre-launch email list of targeted, engaged potential investors interested in participating to the offering.

We evaluated different tools and services but they all had limitations. Maître’s flexibility allowed us to create our own custom form and integrate it seamlessly in our website with the Maître API. It was exactly what we needed.

Sphere created a referral campaign where $5 of SAT tokens were given to both the referrer and the person referred. As they signed up, referrers were given their own unique referral URL and were incentivized to refer as many people as possible, as more referrals meant getting more SAT coins in their pockets.

Encouraging their email subscribers to share Sphere’s campaign was key to build a 150,000-strong email list in just 3 weeks without breaking the bank and overspending on ineffective acquisition channels.

The beauty of Maître is in its efficiency and cost-effectiveness: it leverages your users to spread the word about your product for you while its fee pays itself over and over again as your email list keeps growing exponentially

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