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Current Media is a new app that lets users access all their favourite streaming services from the same place. It employs a cryptocurrency – called CRNC – that rewards members for streaming via Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other popular services. In return for their time, money spent and data shared, the user gets currency to spend on premium streaming subscription services.

By the end of its ICO on February 7th, Current had reached its goal of selling 350,000,000 CRNC tokens. In the process, it raised $36 million, earned a hype rating of Very High on ICO Drops, and it achieved over 600,000 referrals!

Maître gave us the flexibility to create a referral loop into our acquisition journey and this lead to rapid growth of our community.

Current did all this by offering its customers a number of CRNC with a $$ value which excited the crowd and made them share like crazy. In the process they achieved a whopping 93% referral rate, meaning that 93% of their list was referred by someone who had already signed up. Impressive.

Current Media value their community highly and during the campaign they also managed to build the biggest Telegram community in the world, hitting over 500,000 subs.

We needed a tool which contained virality at the heart of it. One that was also flexible enough to allow us to make changes like, add links to our Telegram community which we wanted to promote.

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