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AskTina is a your personal lead generating slack-blot assistant. Slack is one of the fastest growing tech-companies of the past 5 years having created an open API, which has lead to an influx of tools helping in everyday tasks.

AskTina sits on top of your slack-app and aims to help you generate leads by simply asking Tina to “Find me some Finance leads?” and out pops a number of qualified and researched leads, all done through clever, AI and API calls to premium datasets.

Tom, Co-Founder of AskTina, had recently been accepted onto the prestigious Ignite Accelerator, wanted a quick way to gain some traction with only a small budget and wanted to leverage viral mechanics and referrals.

Took a few minutes to set up. I was surprised by quite how much it grew relative to effort.

Tom’s target market is mostly growth orientated entrepreneurs and business people and so he wanted to run a 2-week Viral Contest in which the prize winners would receive up to $4,286 worth of Growth tools.

By approaching various companies and leading figures in the Growth industry and discussing his idea for a competition, Tom managed to amass all his prizes for free. Bringing his total investment to $69. Also, with development time being tight and Tom not wanting to take any time away from his in-house programmer, he needed a solution which he could build himself with ease.

Once all set, Tom began by promoting his competition across all major communities including Facebook, Public Slacks and across his social followings.

Across the 10-day promotion blitz he amassed 701 targeted emails with a total spend of $69, achieving around 18,000 hits onto his site.

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