Maître Viral API V2

Why re-invent the wheel every time you build a new referral mechanism?

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Embed a referral mechanism inside your web or mobile app in minutes.

The excitement is unbearable, imagine you want to create...

  • The next Dropbox-style referral programme
  • Monzo-style mobile waiting list that led to 100K people in the queue
  • The next referral ticketing system, where people can get a free ticket if they invite 5 people.

With Maître APIs the opportunities are endless. Create the next Viral Referral System on top of our infrastructure that already handles hundreds of thousands of signups every month.

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Built for developers

You only need an active account and an API key.
Subscribe a person to a list is as simple as POST /api/v2/lists/:uuid/subscribers.

Currently in Private Beta

Our API is currently in private beta. If you are interested in using it for your project shoot us an email. We are currently looking for ambitious people who want to integrate our technology to create something new.