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It’s no secret that kicking off your referral program with a group of people rather than starting from scratch will help you achieve far greater virality. In fact, referral programs that start with more than 100 people achieve 27% more subscribers on average.

With Maître you can import your existing mailing list by using our Import feature. Simply follow these instructions to format your CSV file of contacts and upload it onto Maître. We’ll take care of the rest.

Send a welcome email to imported contacts

How do imported contacts know that they have been added to your referral program? Also, how can they share their referral link immediately and start inviting friends? Luckily Maître offers an easy solution to this problem. Simply go to the "Automations" page and enable the “Welcome email”.

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Then when you are uploading your CSV file in the Import tab, switch the toggle “Send welcome email”.

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Your imported contacts will automatically receive the welcome email and start referring their friends.