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How to create a referral campaign that doesn't suck

Most referral campaigns suck.
The majority of them don’t achieve virality and die out pretty quickly. But the ones that succeed achieve incredible growth and crazy numbers. Why?

There are many factors that determine the success of a campaign, but one stands out loudly.
The key to a successful referral campaign is preparation.

You don’t simply launch a referral campaign out of the blue without thinking about the reward you are going to offer or who your target audience is. Some people think that by simply installing Maitre on their website they are going to achieve virality (spoiler alert: it’s not gonna happen).

Instead, being prepared and planning ahead will not just make things MUCH easier but it will also generate far greater results.

In this step-by-step guide we are going to show you what you need to do with real examples from dozens of Maitre campaigns. We have split the guide into 3 parts: Before the campaign, During the campaign and After the campaign to guide you through each phase of your competition.

Ready to go viral? Let’s start.