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Maître is a high-performing referral marketing platform to launch your referral program in minutes.

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What is Maître?

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Researches have shown over and over again that the best, most profitable and sustainable marketing channel is word-of-mouth. Companies such as Dropbox, Paypal, Airbnb and Uber have become household names exactly because they knew how to leverage referral marketing at scale.

Yet, most companies rely on inefficient marketing channels to attracts new customers, such as advertising (expensive and complicated), content marketing (slow) or do nothing at all because they think that referral marketing is the game of the big guys and they can't afford it.

So we set out to build something simple, something elegant, something that everybody can use, without being a developer... a tool that makes it easy to grow your business through referrals.

How it works

1. Create your referral campaign

It takes less than 3 minutes and you can customize every detail, including copy, colours and design.

2. Install on your website

Paste the snippet of code we give you on your website. It takes 5 seconds and you don't need to be a developer.

3. Grow users and sales

Offer people an incentive to sign up and share. Then sit back and watch your users doing the marketing for you.

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Maître can be used for...

Product launches

People join the waiting list and earn positions by referring their friends.

Product giveaways

The winner(s) is randomly drawn. People get an extra draw for each friend they refer.

Milestone referrals

People join your campaign and get different prizes as they refer more friends.

Refer-a-friend to unlock

People must refer a friend before they receive the goodie (eg: an ebook).

Coupon-driven lead magnets

People join your campaign and get coupons as they refer more friends.

Ambassador programs

People invite friends to do a specific action (eg: purchase or download).

Integrate Maître with your existing workflow

Maître integrates perfectly with the tools you love, including over 500 external services such as Mailchimp, Intercom, ActiveCampaign, Wordpress, Hubspot, Slack and many more. See all integrations

Our customers have collected over 20 million emails with our referral programs!

“Maître is a dream and I have used it for clients and my own projects. The last campaign went from zero to over 4000 emails. Splendid!”

Kobi thumb eaa9e6c359e0788e128fa31eb3f16746c068d30f6c3b3481d1b68e6c978465e7 Kobi Omenaka
Founder, FlixWatcher

“Maître is the perfect way to launch a new product. The viral effect really helped our email list take off - in the space of a couple of weeks we went from 0 to over 800 signups!”

Ed moyse 383149550eaaaf74a28f0bee9233c6c13a71883a6ac2ba3bfd24610ed359569c Ed Moyse
Founder, IfNoReply

“We've tried Kickofflabs as well as Viral-loops but they are not comparable to Maître due to the lack of features as well as the lack of flexibility to build what we need on our custom sign up form.”

Andrew kong da1e4249e83fa449683715312e6841e7ea983be2312909e367a74bab5d625cb4 Andrew Khong
COO, Purely

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