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Thank you all for your support & great feedback on our ProductHunt launch!

We ended the day as the #1 tech product for February 5, 2016! 🎉🎉. Thank you, you rock! To express our infinite gratitude, we have created an exclusive coupon code "product-hunt" that gives you $15 OFF.

UPDATE: we are the 15th most upvoted product of ALL TIME. 😳

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Maître Viral Waiting Lists

Use Maître Viral Waiting Lists to create a competition where the goal is to get to the top of the list. Reward your fans for referring their friends: the more people they invite, the higher up the queue they get.

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Maître Viral Sweepstakes

Use Maître Viral Sweepstakes to create an engaging contest. Like in standard sweepstakes, the winners are randomly chosen but entrants can increase their chances of winning by referring their friends.

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“It took 10 minutes to customise the widget. We launched the page and told our 800 Kickstarter backers. By Monday the virality had taken over and we had 15,000 sign-ups.”

Jake Bronstein - Founder, Whistler Wash

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Hint: if you want to grow your email list it's for you

Pre-launch buzz

We’ve helped 100’s of successful pre-launch Kickstarter campaigns and pre-launch products.

Re-engage old email lists

If you have a database of neglected emails, re-engage your list by running a Viral Contest.

Product Promotion

Use Maître to run viral contests and watch the word spread amongst peer groups

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Why use Virality as a growth channel?

Foster love of your product
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Some people are worth special attention. See which of your customers refers 50 of their friends. Trust us, it happens.

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