We are a London based startup with a simple vision: enable companies of any size to generate viral growth easily and organically.

We launched in January 2016 and celebrated 1 million subscribers milestone after 5 months.

In February 2016 we have been "hunted" on Product Hunt and ended best product in the Tech category for that day. We still are in the TOP 20 of all time. We have also written a blog post about how to successfully launch on Product Hunt.

In August 2016 we have launched our API. The goal is to enable developers to embed a referral mechanism into their web and mobile apps, leveraging our technology and infrastructure that already handles hundreds of thousands of signups every day.

In December 2016 and January 2017 we have announced two new products: Viral Sweepstake and Viral Lead Magnet.

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The team

Manuel frigerio f8f64dc5ed9b5553d51e79962d68c699eac2685b23bc39255c0004122c27b0f8

Manuel Frigerio

CEO & Founder
Jack of all trades. His job is to make sure the platform runs smoothly. Currently travelling the world as a digital nomad.

Kieran goodacre 5b285916669a061ce6a53da004fc9d5cdeac6fb571d0bc30fba91825b4841d6f

Kieran Goodacre

Head of Growth
Hit him up for any critical feedback and collaborations. When he's not in London, he loves to ski in neck-deep powder snow.